2017 Legislative Tracker

BillTitleSummary/DescriptionSponsorUWC PositionStatusVotesImpact on Utah Women
HB 015Alimony AmendmentsProvides that the court shall consider, among the factors in determining alimony, whether a parent has lost workplace experience opportunities while caring for a childRep. StrattonSupportsPassedHouse: 67-0-8
Senate: 25-0-4
HB 017Offenses Against the Person AmendmentsThis bill amends the crime of aggravated assault to include the act of impeding the breathing or blood circulation of another person by unlawful force that is likely to result in a loss of consciousness; provides that this offense is 'strangulation' and is a second degree felony if the action results in the loss of consciousness; and modifies the crime of child abuse to include the act of impeding the breathing or circulation of blood by applying pressure to the neck or throat, or by obstructing the nose, mouth, or airway, in a manner that is likely to cause unconsciousnessRep. SnowSupportsPassedHouse: 71-2-2
Senate: 25-0-4
HB 024Student Prosperity Savings Program - Tax AmendmentsCreates the Student Prosperity Savings Program; provides a method for donating to the program and obtaining proof of the donation; provides a process for certain high school students to obtain tax-advantaged college savings accounts; permits a corporation to subtract a donation to the Student Prosperity Savings Program from unadjusted income; creates an individual tax credit for a donation to the program.Rep. PetersonSupportsPassedHouse: 73-0-2
Senate: 26-0-3
HB 028Public Employees Long-term Disability Act AmendmentsThis bill modifies the circumstances when a monthly long-term disability benefit shall be reduced or reimbursed; requires an eligible employee that is under a total disability to inform the Public Employees' Insurance Program of certain information; and provides penalties if an eligible employee knowingly misrepresents or fails to disclose certain information.Rep. DuckworthSupportsPassedHouse: 73-0-2
Senate: 27-0-2
HB 031Utah Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program ReauthorizationThis bill reauthorizes the Utah Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program.Rep. ReddSupportsPassedHouse: 62-0-13
Senate: 29-0-0
HB 034Employment Security Act Sunset ExtensionThis bill extends the sunset date of certain statutory provisions related to the Dept. of Workforce Services sharing certain information with the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Dept. of LaborRep. EdwardsSupportsPassedHouse: 64-0-11
Senate: 28-0-1
HB 035Minimum School Program AmendmentsProvides that if a child who resides in a Utah school district's boundaries attends school in a neighboring state under this section, the State Board of Education may make an out-of-state tuition payment to the Utah school district of residence.Rep. CutlerSupportsPassedHouse: 72-0-3
Senate: 26-0-3
HB 036Affordable Housing AmendmentsThis bill creates the Economic Revitalization and Investment Fund; esablishes requirements for the distribution of money from the fund; and modifies state low-income housing tax credit provision.Rep. EdwardsSupportsPassedHouse: 50-22-3
Senate: 26-3-0
HB 043American Indian and Alaskan Native Education AmendmentsCreates a pilot program which would provide grants targeted to address the needs of American Indian and Alaskan Native students residing within a county of the fourth or fifth class that has more than 7,000 American Indians or Alaskan Natives residing in the county.Rep. NoelSupportsPassedHouse: 73-1-1
Senate: 28-0-1
HB 056Accessible Parking AmendmentsEstablishes criteria for parking in certain accessible parking spaces; creates a windshield placard for use by a person with a disability that requires the use of a wheelchair or other walking-assistive device.Rep. StrattonSupportsPassedHouse: 73-0-2
Senate: 28-0-1
HB 057Reproductive Health and Medicaid AmendmentsThis bill directs the Division of Health Care Financing to seek a waiver for Medicaid coverage to (1) provide family planning services to low-income individuals who do not qualify for full Medicaid coverage, and (2) receive a federal match rate of 90% of state expenditures for family planning services provided under the waiver.Rep. KingSupportsFailedNot considered
HB 068Crime Victims Reparation Board Sunset ExtensionThis bill extends the sunset date on the Crime Victim Reparations and Assistance Board to July 1, 2027.Rep. ChristiensenSupportsPassedHouse: 74-1-0
Senate: 26-0-3
HB 071Hygiene Tax ActThis bill adds a sales and use tax exemption for incontinence and feminine hygiene products.Rep. DuckworthSupportsFailedHeld in committee
HB 073Child Placement AmendmentsThis bill requires the Division of Child and Family Services to determine whether a parent or guardian has an oustanding felony arrest warrant before recommending the return of a child to the custody of the parent or guardian; and allows the juvenile court to deny the return of a child to the custody of a parent or guardian if the parent or guardian has an outstanding felony arrest warrant.Rep. PetersonFollowingFailedHouse: 72-0-3
Not considered in Senate
HB 074School Day Care Classes AmendmentsThis bill exempts child care programs administered by public education institutions from requirements of the Utah Child Care Licensing Act.Rep. WardFollowingFailedNot considered
HB 083Rental Application Disclosure AmendmentsThis bill states that an owner must make certain disclosures to an applicant for a rental unit before the owner accepts a rental application from the applicant (including minimum renter financial criteria, any restriction on a renter's use of the unit, and any restriction related to a renter's criminal history); and prohibits an owner from charging an application fee or accepting a rental deposit from an applicant before the owner makes the required disclosures.Rep. CutlerSupportsPassedHouse: 69-0-6
Senate: 27-0-2
HB 092Physical Restraint in SchoolsThis bill amends provisions related to the use of physical restraint in schools.Rep. MossSupportsPassedHouse: 68-5-2
Senate: 25-0-4
HB 093Judicial Nominating Process AmendmentsThis bill repeals the authority of the Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice to make rules related to evaluation criteria for the selection of judicial nominees.Rep. NelsonOpposesFailedHouse: 47-25-3
Failed in Senate committee
HB 102Cohabitant Abuse Act AmendmentsThis bill defines the term "intimate partner" within the Cohabitant Abuse Procedures Act and the Cohabitant Abuse Act.Rep. RomeroFollowingFailedNot considered
HB 103Campus Anti-harassment ActThis bill: (1) defines discriminatory harrassment as student-on-student speech that is (a) unwelcome; (b) discriminatory on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, religion, age, or sex; and (c) so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive, and that so undermines and detracts from a student's educational experience, that the student is effectively denied equal access to an institution's resource or opportunity; and (2) creates causes of action related to discriminatory harassment at an institution of higher education.Rep. ColemanOpposesFailedNot consideredFavors free expression over the rights of students to be free from harrassment on campus.
HB 105Early Voting AmendmentsThis bill extends the last day of the early voting period to the day before the election date.Rep. HallSupportsPassedHouse: 73-0-2
Senate: 28-0-1
HB 107Pernatal Hospitce - WITHDRAWNThis bill requires that a woman receive information about perinatal hospice before an abortion when the unborn child has been diagnosed with a lethal fetal anomaly.Ren. HandyOpposesBill withdrawnBill withdrawn
HB 113Nursing Care Facility AmendmentsThis bill allows the Department of Health to consider the quality of nursing care facilities in a county when determining whether to certify additional Medicaid beds in the county; changes the Nursing Care Facilities Account to an expendable special reveunue fund; and removes the sunset review for the certification of Medicaid beds in nursing care facilities.Rep. GibsonFollowingPassedHouse: 72-0-3
Senate: 25-0-4
HB 116Child Support AmendmentsThis bill addresses when child support obligation ends.Rep. ColemanFollowingFailedNot considered
HB 122Medicaid Waiver for Postpartum Mental Health CoverageThis bill requires the Department of Health to ask for a federal waiver that will allow the state's Medicaid program to provide mental health benefits and services to certain postpartum women.Rep. ReddSupportsFailedNot considered
HB 127Health Insurance Right to Shop AmendmentsThis bill requires a health insurer to develop a program to reward enrollees for selecting high quality and low cost health care providers.Rep. ThurstonSupportsFailedHouse: 67-0-8
Not considered in Senate
HB 141 2nd Sub Unborn Child Protection AmendmentsThis bill requires specified medical personnel to inform a woman seeking an abortion that a medication-induced abortion may be able to be reversed; and requires the Department of Health to include in its published, printed materials an explanation that medication-induced abortions may be able to be reversed.Rep. StrattonFollowingPassedHouse: 56-13-6
Senate: 22-5-2
HB 147Living Wage AmendmentsThis bill modifies the minimum wage for a private or public employee within the state to $10.25/hour; modifies the cash wage obligation for a tipped employee within the state; and provides for future increases of the minimum wage and cash wage obligation.Rep. HemingwaySupportsFailedHeld in committee
HB 150Custody Amendments Related to Parents with DisabilitiesThis bill provides that a court may not consider the disability of a parent as a factor in determining custody, unless the court makes specific findings that (i) the disability significantly or substantially inhibits the parent's ability to provide for the physical and emotional needs of the child at issue; and (ii) the parent with a disability lacks sufficient human, monetary, or other resources available to supplement the parent's ability to provide for the physical and emotional needs of the child at issue.Rep. Arent, Sen. WeilerSupportsPassedHouse: 74-0-1
Senate: 26-0-3
HB 154Telehealth AmendmentsThis bill amends the Medical Assistance Act, the Public Employees' Benefit and Insurance Program Act, and the Insurance Code to provide coverage, and coverage transparency, for certain telehealth services.Rep. IvoryFollowingPassedSenate: 23-0-6
House: 72-0-3
HB 156State Job Application ProcessThis bill provides that a public employer may not require an applicant to disclose a past criminal conviction before an initial interview for employment; and provides exemptions for certain public employers.Rep. HollinsSupportsPassedHouse: 47-23-5
Senate: 28-0-1
HB 168Kindergarten Supplemental Enrichment ProgramThis bill establishes the kindergarten supplemental enrichment program; requires the State Board of Education to develop kindergarten entry and exist assessments for use in a kindergarten supplemental enrichment program; and administer a grant program to support certain kindergarten supplemental enrichment programs.Rep. SnowSupportsPassedHouse: 61-10-4
Senate: 27-2-0
HB 169Child Care Licensing ModificationsThis bill extends the time period within which the Department of Health may conduct an investigation of a child care provider based on when the events in the complaint occurred.Rep. Chavez-HouckSupportsFailedHouse: 56-2-17
Not considered in Senate
HB 173 1st Sub Parental Kidnapping AmendmentsThis bill defines the new criminal offense of parental kidnapping as one parent withholding a child from the other parent or guardian in such a way that the parent or guardian cannot exercise certain civil remedies.Rep. PotterFollowingFailedHouse: 72-0-3
Not considered in Senate
HB 176Human Trafficking AmendmentsThis bill provides that a criminal homicide caused by the commission of the offense of human trafficking, human trafficking of a child, or aggravated human trafficking is aggravated murder and may be charged as a capital felony. Rep. RayOpposesFailedHouse: 38-37-0
Not considered in Senate
HB 178Good Landlord AmendmentsThis bill prohibits a municipality from requiring a residential landlord to deny tenancy to an individual based on the individual's criminal history.Rep. KingFollowingPassedHouse: 62-9-4
Senate: 25-4-0
HB 194Federal Grants Management AmendmentsThis bill modifies the federal funds requests that are subject to the review and approval procedures under the Federal Funds Procedures ActRep. FawsonFollowingPassedHouse: 71-0-4
Senate: 22-0-7
HB 197Custody and Adoption AmendmentsThis bill prohibits custody being granted to a person who is not a biological parent and has committed certain offenses; prohibits adoption by a person who has committed certain offensesRep. HawkesFollowingPassedHouse: 64-0-11
HB 198Concealed Carry AmendmentsThis bill establishes a provisional permit to carry a concealed firearm for eligible individuals under 21 years of age.Rep. LisonbeeOpposesPassedHouse: 63-12-0
Senate: 23-6-0
HB 200Sexual Assault Kit Processing AmendmentsThis bill requires that all sexual assault kits, except for those classified as restricted kits, be tested to obtain DNA profiles; provides a timeframe for testing; provides the guidelines and process for the retention and disposal of sexual assault kits; requires the Peace Officers Standards and Training division to provide training to persons seeking certification as a peace officer on sexual assault and sexual abuse.Rep. RomeroSupportsPassedHouse: 69-0-6
Senate: 24-0-5
HB 206Domestic Violence -- Weapons RestrictionsThis bill amends provisions relating to certain weapons restrictions relating to domestic violence by expanding the scope of a Category II restricted person to include: a person who is subject to a protective order or child protective order; and a person who has been convicted of assault or aggravated assault against a cohabitant.Rep. KingSupportsPassedHouse: 72-0-3
Senate: 23-2-4
HB 213Workplace Discrimination AmendmentsThis bill modifies the remedies available in an administrative action based on prohibited employment practices; provides for civil actions seeking relief from discriminatory or prohibited employment practices; and bars further agency action if a civil action is commenced.Rep. WheatleySupportsFailedNot considered
HB 215Reproductive Health Education and ServicesThis bill establishes requirements for human health education; requires the State Instructional Materials Commission to consult with parents and others when evaluating human health curriculum; repeals certain criminal provisions regarding contraceptive and abortion services.Rep. KingSupportsFailedFailed in committee
HB 237Firearms and Domestic Violence ModificationsThis bill states that certain concealed carry prohibitions do not apply to an individual 21 years of age or older who may lawfully possess a firearm; requires a court to impose a protective order on a perpetrator of domestic violence as a condition of probation or plea in abeyance that puts the perpetrator on notice that the perpetrator is prohibited from possessing a firearm under state and federal law, among other requirements; requires the Bureau of Criminal Identification to inform local law enforcement when a prohibited person attempts to purchase a weapon from a firearms dealer; and enhances the level of offense for domestic violence when the perpetrator is in possession of a dangerous weapon to a class A misdemeanor.Rep. Perry, Sen BrambleOpposesFailedHouse: 55-20-0
Not considered in Senate
HB 238Payment of Wages Act AmendmentsThis bill modifies the definition of "employer," requires that an employee file certain wage claims with the Labor Commission; and provides a private cause of action against an employer for certain wage claims.Rep. Hawkes, Sen. BuxtonFollowingPassedHouse: 67-0-7
Senate: 17-0-12
HB 242Family and Medical Leave AmendmentsThis bill provides that a state-eligible employer is subject to the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act.Rep. PitcherSupportsFailedHeld in committee
HB 248Domestic Violence Related AmendmentsThis bill amends definition provisions; addresses the designation of a person that communicates between a defendant and victim; addresses enforcement of restitution requirements; provides the process for the issuance of continuous protective orders; addresses form for protective orders; and modifies conditions for dismissals of protective orders.Rep. Christensen, Sen. BrambleFollowingPassedHouse: 73-1-1
Senate: 28-0-1
HB 251Campus Advocate Confidentiality AmendmentsThis bill prohibits the disclosure of confidential communications related to advocacy services at an institution of higher education, except under certain circumstances.Rep. Romero, Sen. WeilerSupportsPassedHouse: 75-0-0
Senate: 25-0-4
HB 271 1st Sub Child Protection AmendmentsThis bill requires a temporary homeless youth shelter to notify law enforcement within 24 hours of becoming aware that a minor is an abandoned child; states that it is not reasonable discipline or management of a child to remove the child from the child's home for an extended period of time without making arrangements for the child's subsistence, education, or medical care, or any other care necessary for the child's health, safety, or well-being; and states that a parent's disapproval of a child's expressed sexual orientation or gender identity, or the parent's perception of the child's sexual orientation or gender identity, is not a defense to criminal nonsupport.Rep. WeightFollowingFailedHeld in committee
HB 274 4th Sub Human Trafficking ModificationsThis bill authorizes the court to vacate a conviction for specified offenses if the individual convicted is found to have acted under force, fraud, or coercion; and provides the process by which an individual may petition the court for vacatur of a conviction for specified crimes.Rep. Romero, Sen. HarperSupportsPassedHouse: 73-0-2
Senate: 28-0-1
HB 278Expenses of Minor Children AmendmentsThis bill, under certain circumstances, requires a person to separately bill the parents of a minor child for the portion of the minor child's expenses for which each parent is responsible under court order.Rep. Chavez-HouckSupportsPassedHouse: 73-0-2
Senate: 23-0-6
HB 283Child Homelessness PreventionThis bill provides that an additional purpose of the cash assistance available under the Family Employment Program is to prevent families with children from becoming homeless; and provides additional duties of the Utah Intergenerational Welfare Reform Commission related to reducing and preventing homelessness for children.Rep. SpendloveFollowingPassedHouse: 73-0-2
Senate: 69-0-6
HB 285Voter Registration AmendmentsThis bill provides that an otherwise eligible voter may register to vote, and vote, by casting a provisional ballot on election day or during the early voting period; amends provisions relating to voter registration deadlines and the information provided to applicants for voter registration; and changes the deadline for filing an absentee ballot application and for casting an absentee ballot in person.Rep. Chavez-Houck, Sen. HendersonSupportsFailedFailed in committee
HB 294 2nd Sub Utah Intergenerational Poverty Work and Self-suficiency Tax CreditThis bill enacts a refundable state earned income tax credit for certain individuals who are experiencing intergenerational poverty.Rep. WestwoodSupportsFailedHouse: 61-7-7
Not considered in Senate
HB 303State Building AmendmentsThis bill would require that all new and newly renovated government buildings that are open to the public install baby changing stations, and that they be equally accessible to men and women.Rep. HemingwaySupportsPassedHouse: 55-19-1
Senate: 28-0-1
HB 316Crime Victim Notification AmendmentsThis bill provides alleged victims with reasonable notice of a suspect's pending release from custody.Rep. HutchingsSupportsFailedNot considered in House
HB 326Campus Sexual Violence Protection ActEnacts provisions that prohibit an institution of higher education from imposing a sanction on a student for violating the institution's code of conduct under certain circulstances; enacts provisions allowing an institution of higher education to report an allegation of sexual violence to a law enforcement agency under certain circumstances; and enacts other provisions related to the duties of an institution of higher education in circumstances related to sexual violence.Rep. ColemanOpposesFailedHouse: 32-38-5
HB 348Voter Record AmendmentsSpecifies that a voter registration record is a private record under the GRAMA; amends notifications on the voter registration form; allows specified persons to receive certain portions of a private voter registration record from the lieutenant governor or a county clerk; expands the type of individuals who may to apply to prohibit any person, other than the government, from accessing the individual's voter registration record; and provides direction to a county clerk regarding the classification of the voter registration record of an individual who preregisters to vote.Rep. EdwardsSupportsFailedHouse: 38-37-0
Not considered in Senate
HB 438Family Leave AmendmentsRequires an executive agency to provide an eligible employee six weeks of paid parental leave upon the birth or adoption of the employee's child.Rep. RomeroSupportsFailedNot considered in House
HCR 016Concurrent Resolution Declaring Mental Hleath Issues to Be a Public Health Crisis at Utah Higher Education InstitutionsDeclares mental health issues to be a public health crisis at Utah higher education institutions and strongly urges Utah's government and community groups to seek productive, long-term solutions to address the crisis.Rep. Redd, Sen. MillnerSupportsPassedHouse: 72-0-3
Senate: 24-0-5
HCR 025Concurrent Resolution Regarding a National Crisis HotlineRecognizes that suicide is a public health crisis and encourages the United States Congress to designate a nationwide N-1-1 mental health crisis number to assist with mental health crisis intervention services.Rep. Eliason, Sen. ThatcherSupportsFailedHouse: 74-0-1
Not considered in Senate
HRJ 008Joint Resolution Supporting the Retention of Public EducatorsSupports the retention of public educators by directing revenue generated from public lands towards a fund to increase educator salaries.Rep. Edwards, Sen. MillnerFollowingPassedHouse: 62-7-6
Senate: 16-7-6
SB 012Expungement AmendmentsThis bill prevents the dissemination of information regarding pardons and expungements; provides for the sealing of records of certain court cases; specifies that infractions, traffic offenses, and certain minor offenses will not count towards expungement eligibility; allows for an increase in the number of convictions counted to be eligible for expungement; decreases the waiting period after the petition for expungement is filed; and allows the court during sentencing in a criminal prosecution to take into account if the level of the offense has been reduced since the defendant's conviction.Sen. ThatcherSupportsPassedSenate: 28-0-1
House: 70-0-5
Impacts women's ability to obtain gainful employment, housing, etc.
SB 019Retirement Systems Payment to SurvivorsThis bill provides that the divorce or annulment of a member's marriage revokes any beneficiary designation naming the divorced member's former spouse; specifies the methods for reviving a former spouse as a member's designated beneficiary in certain circumstances.Sen. DaytonFollowingPassedSenate: 27-0-2
House: 71-0-4
SB 029Utah Marriage Commission AmendmentsThis bill increases the marriage license fee by $20 and creates a restricted account to support marriage and relationship strenghtening efforts in the state; offers a $20 rebate to couples who complete certain premarital education or counseling.Sen. ChristensenOpposesFailedFailed in committeeThis bill creates a de facto bias against certain marriages (namely homosexual or non-religious marriages).
SB 032Child Welfare Auditing AmendmentsThis bill requires the legislative auditor general to audit, subject to the prioritization of the Legislative Audit Subcommittee, a sample of child welfare referrals to and cases handled by the Division of Child and Family Services.Sen. DavisFollowingPassedSenate: 27-1-1
House: 72-0-3
SB 037Statewide Crisis LineThis bill creates the Mental Health Crisis Line Commission; addresses the membership and duties of the commission; and specifies interim committee reporting requirements.Sen. ThatcherSupportsPassedHouse: 71-0-4
Senate: 29-0-0
SB 046Medicaid Expansion AmendmentsThis bill requires the Department of Health to amend the state Medicaid plan to expand Medicaid eligibility to the optional populations under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.Sen. DavisSupportsFailedFailed in committee
SB 054 2nd Sub Adoption RevisionsThis bill amends amends provisions related to a birth mother's declaration regarding potential birth fathers; provides that, under certain circumstances, a court may allow a prospective adoptive parent to adopt a child without releasing the pre-existing parent from parental rights and duties; provides that any documents filed in connection with a petition for adoption are sealed; and permits a child-placing agency to provide certain information, except identifying information, to an adult adoptee.Sen. WeilerFollowingPassedSenate: 27-0-2
House: 60-11-4
SB 068Imputed Income AmendmentsThis bill provides that, as it relates to child support, income may not be imputed to a parent with no recent work history and occupational qualifications.Sen. AndereggFollowingFailedHeld in committee
SB 072Victim Selection Penality EnhancementsThis bill provides that the penalty for a criminal offense is subject to enhancement by one degree if the offender acted against an individual (or an individual's property) because of the offender's perception of the individual's ancestry, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation.Sen. ThatcherSupportsFailedNot considered
SB 075Child Welfare AmendmentsThis bill provides that a chief of police or a sheriff may create a child protection unit; permits the Division of Child and Family Services (the division) to include members of a child protection unit as part of a child protection team when the division takes a child into custody or files a petition to commence proceedings in juvenile court alleging that a child is abused or neglected; permits the division to include members of a child protection unit in the child protection team that assists the division in the division's protective, diagnostic, assessment, treatment, and coordination services; and establishes a child proection unit pilot program.Sen. Fillmore, Rep. SpendloveFollowingPassedSenate: 22-7-0
House: 50-22-3
SB 085Amendments to Child WelfareThis bill allows the division to exceed the numerical limit of foster children placed in a foster home to permit a sibling group who re-enters foster care to return to a previous foster home.Sen. Harper, Rep. BarlowFollowingPassedSenate: 26-0-3
House: 73-0-2
SB 088Medicaid Housing CoordinatorThis bill creates the position of Medicaid long-term support services housing coordinator within the Medicaid program.Sen. Iwamoto, Rep. BarlowSupportsPassedSenate: 27-2-0
House: 47-27-1
SB 089Adoption Agency AmendmentsThis bill requires the Utah Department of Human Services, Office of Licensing, to establish certain rules creating minimum ethical responsibilitiesSen. EscamillaFollowingPassedSenate: 22-0-7
House: 73-0-2
SB 100Early Childhood Services CoordinationThis bill requires the Department of Workforce Services and the Office of Child Care to conduct a study concerning services and resources for children five years old and younger and their families.Sen. MillnerFollowingPassedSenate: 26-2-1
House: 45-25-5
SB 104Labor Commission Enforcement AmendmentsThis bill provides that a district court may renew as a judgment of the district court certain final administrative orders related to wage claims and workers' compensationSen. BuxtonFollowingPassedSenate: 26-0-3
House: 72-0-3
SB 109 6th Sub Small Employer Retirement ProgramThis bill establishes an income tax credit for certain small employers that offer employees access to a qualified retirement plan.Sen. WeilerSupportsPassedSenate: 24-1-4
House: 45-28-2
SB 124Child Care Licensing AmendmentsThis bill exempts from the licensing and certification requirements of the Utah Child Care Licensing Act certain child care facilities currently exempted from licensure by rule; requires these facilities to meet existing criminal background check requirements for child care facilities exempted from the Utah Child Care Licensing Act.Sen. FillmoreFollowingPassedSenate: 27-0-2
House: 73-0-2
SB 135Maternal and Child HealthRequires the Department of Health to study the use of evidence-based home visiting programs in the state and report its findings to the Legislature; specifies what the study shall include; and creates the Home Visiting Restricted Account and specifies how money in the account may be used.Sen. EscamillaSupportsPassedSenate: 24-1-4
House: 59-12-4
SB 147Uniform Parentage Act AmendmentsThis bill allows the enforcement of child support obligations against all parents; states that a presumption of maternity shall be determined in the same manner as a presumption of paternity; and addresses the presumption of parentage.Sen. HillyardSupportsPassedSenate: 29-0-0
House: 69-3-3
SB 153Child Support Income Calculation AmendmentsThis bill modifies provisions related to calculating child support by modifying how imputed income is calculated; and addresses the impact of incarceration.Sen. HillyardFollowingPassedSenate: 28-0-1
House: 69-0-6
SB 160Homeless Youth Health Care AmendmentsThis bill authorizes an unaccompanied, homeless minor, who is age 15 or older, to consent to certain health care servicesSen. ShiozawaSupportsPassedSenate: 29-0-0
House: 66-0-9
SB 166Occupational and Professional LicensingThis bill modifies the definition of the "practice of direct-entry midwifery" to include giving one dose of oxytocin to a client after the delivery of a baby.Sen. HendersonFollowingPassedSenate: 27-0-2
House: 72-0-3
SB 202Parent Time AmendmentsThis bill addresses parent-time when children's school schedules differ.Sen. AdamsSupportsPassedSenate: 28-0-1
House: 67-0-8
SB 210 SubstituteEqual Pay AmendmentsThis bill requires certain employers in the state to adopt and disclose to each employee uniform criteria that the employer uses to determine whether to change an employee's compensation or benefits based on the employee's performance; instructs the Department of Workforce Services to conduct a study on whether there is a difference in pay between men and women in the state; and provides that the Department of Workforce Services shall create and maintain pay indices for certain occupations that state the current pay range in the state for each occupation.Sen. AndereggSupportsFailedHeld in committee
SB 221Strategic Plan for Equal CompensationThis bill requires the executive director of the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) to submit to the Executive Appropriations Committee a strategic plan to eliminate gender-based wage discrimination; and requires DHRM and state agencies to provide relevant information and data to support the creation of the strategic plan.Sen. EscamillaSupportsFailedSenate: 22-7-0
Not considered in House
SB 226Permanent Criminal Stalking Injunction AmendmentsThis bill extends an application for a permanent criminal stalking injunction against a person in the following instances: a conviction of stalking; a conviction of attempt to commit stalking; or a plea to any of the above accepted by the court and held in abeyance.Sen. WeilerFollowingPassedSenate: 24-0-5
House: 67-0-8
SB 232Cyber Exploitation AmendmentsThis bill defines the crimes of sexual extortion and aggravated sexual extortion; provides criminal penalties for the crimes of sexual extortion and aggravated sexual extortion; provides that aggravated sexual extortion is a registerable offense under the Sex and Kidnap Offender Registry.Sen. BrambleFollowingPassedSenate: 28-0-1
House: 72-0-3
SB 266Division of Child and Family Services AppealsThis bill establishes time frames for the expungement of a division report; and requires the division to make rules regarding expungement of a division report.Sen. HendersonFollowingPassedSenate: 26-0-3
House: 70-0-5
SCR 006Concurrent Resolution on Guarding the Civil Liberties and Freedoms for All American PeopleThis concurrent resolution of the Legislature and the Governor affirms their resolve to protect the civil liberties, religious freedoms, and dignity of all Americans, legal immigrants, and refugees seeking protection against persecution.Sen. Shiozawa, Rep. ArentSupportsPassedSenate: 29-0-0
House: 74-0-1
SJR 010Join Resolution Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States ConstitutionThis resolution ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution.Sen. DabakisSupportsFailedNot considered in committee

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