Work & Family

Utah has been pegged as one of the worst states in the nation for working mothers. Our state lacks any form of paid family leave legislation, and Utah law currently does not guarantee pregnant workers the right to reasonable accommodations on the job. Additionally, although Utah has the highest birth rate in the nation, our state ranks 48th for affordability and availability of childcare.1 Moreover, despite the advances for women that have been made in the workplace, women still shoulder much more responsibility at home. Research shows that working mothers spend more time on child-rearing and housework responsibilities than do working fathers — time spent at the expense of mothers’ leisure and work time.
The UWC is committed to increasing work-family supports by advocating for sensible policies that support working parents and eliminate the barriers many mothers face when it comes to entering, advancing, or excelling in the workforce. We support flexible work schedules, job sharing opportunities, reasonable accommodations for pregnant and breastfeeding women, paid parental leave, and affordable, quality child care. We believe in a workplace culture that works for women, where mothers do not need to choose between having a career and forming a family.
1 Institute for Women’s Policy Research