Freedom from Violence

In Utah, one in three women in Utah will experience domestic violence, compared to one in four women nationwide.[1] Additionally, sexual violence crimes stand out as a curious anomaly in relation to the other types of violent crime which occur in Utah. Rape is the sole Violent Crime Index offense for which Utah’s rate rises above that of the nation’s average—ten percent higher than the national rate in 2006. In a study performed by the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, the CCJJ found that 28.9 percent of the 1,816 female respondents reported some type of sexual assault during their lifetimes, and 12.8 percent reported that they had been raped.[2]

The UWC envisions safe communities that welcome women of every age, race, and nationality. We support efforts that work to reduce violent crime in Utah, create safe places for women who have experienced abuse or violence, and provide supportive services that assist women in becoming personally autonomous.
[1] Center for Disease Control and Prevention
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