Ending Discrimination

Gender discrimination has a long history in the United States and in Utah, and its residual effects still operate to keep women’s salaries lower and opportunities fewer in the employment realm. Discrimination on the basis of sex can take on many forms, including discrimination in pay, promotions, hiring, and working conditions, and it is not limited to the employment sphere. In places of public accommodation, Utah is one of a minority of states that does not statutorily protect pregnant or breastfeeding women. Sexual harassment also persists in many spaces and disproportionately impacts women.
The UWC supports sound policies that eliminate gender discrimination and ensure women are treated equally in their professional, social, and academic capacities. Removing workplace discrimination isn’t just a matter of fairness; it ensures the door is open to the most talented workers, leads to increased productivity and morale, and promotes greater workplace prosperity. We believe that Utah benefits with sensible policies and a