2019 Legislative Tracker

Last Updated March 12, 2019
Bill #Short TitleDescriptionUWC PositionSponsorStatus
HB15Victim Rights AmendmentsThis bill allows investigations to be reviewed at the request of a victim or victim's familySupportRep. EliasonDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
SB32Indigent Defense Act Amendmentsproviding for defense of indigent inmates, including providing for the Indigent Inmate Trust FundSupportSen. WeilerHouse/ return to Rules due to fiscal impact
SB34Affordable Housing ModificationsThis bill modifies provisions related to a municipality's and a county's general plan related to moderate income housingSupportSen. AndereggHouse / return to Rules due to fiscal impact
HB38Administrative Appeal RightsPermits an aggrieved person to appeal a determination, of a director, of the Division of Antidiscrimination and Labor, dismissing a complaint alleging housing discrimination under the Fair Housing ActSupportRep. Dunnigan/Sen. BrambleDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
SB45Domestic Violence RevisionThis bill adds aggravated cruelty to an animal to the list of offenses that may qualify as a domestic violence offense.FollowingSen. ChristensenDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
HB47Early Childhood Coordination AmendmentsThis bill creates the Early Childhood Utah Advisory Council and the Governor's Early Childhood CommissionSupportRep. Snow / Sen. MillnerDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
HB53Victim Communication AmendmentsEnacts the Privileged Communications with Victim Advocates Act, including; providing a purpose statement, providing for privilege for communications, addressing examination of victim advocates.SupportRep. Snow / Sen. WeilerSenate/ placed on 2nd Reading Calendar
HB71Health Education AmendmentsProvides that health education instruction may include information about the medical characteristics, effectiveness, and limitations of contraceptive methods or devicesPriority SupportRep. WardDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
SB83Partnership for Healthy CommunitiesThis bill creates the Partnerships for Healthy Communities Grant ProgramSupportSen. MillnerHouse 3rd Reading Calendar for Senate bills
SB88Crime Victims Restitution AmendmentsThis Bill modifies restitution criteria to include expenses for security measures put in place by a victim in response to a criminal offense.SupportSen. Iwamoto / Rep. HallDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
SB97 Medicaid Program RevisionsThis bill repeals the expansion of the state Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act and changes the sales tax rate.OpposeSen. AndereggReturned to Senate Rules Committee
HB103Utah Intergenerational Poverty Work and Self-sufficiency Tax CreditEnacts a refundable state earned income tax credit for certain individuals who are experiencing intergenerational povertyPriority SupportRep. SpendloveHouse Rules Committee
SB103Victim Targeting Penalty EnhancementsProvides for an enhanced penalty for a criminal offense if the offender acted against an individual because of the offender's perception of the individual's ancestry, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientationSupportSen. ThatcherSenate/ placed on Concurrence Calendar
SB110Family Medical Unpaid Leave ProvisionsThis bill enacts provisions to family and medical unpaid leavePriority SupportSen. HemmertSenate- 2nd reading/circled
HB113Hygiene Tax ActCreates a sales and use tax exemption for feminine hygiene products, incontinence care items, and diapers.SupportRep. DuckworthReturned to House Rules Committee
HB129Campaign Amendmentspermits a candidate for public office to use campaign funds to pay childcare expenses while the candidate is engaged in campaign activitiesPriority SupportRep. Hall / Rep. Pitcher / Sen. HendersonDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
SB134Campus Safety AmendmentsThis bill enacts provisions related to campus safety plans and training at institutions of higher educationSupportSen. IwamotoHouse/ return to Rules due to fiscal impact
HB136Abortion Amendments prohibits an abortion from being performed after the unborn child reaches 15 weeks gestational age except under certain circumstancesOpposeRep. ActonSenate 2nd Reading Calendar
HB137Domestic Violence Enhancement AmendmentsIncreases the enhancement penalty for a subsequent domestic violence conviction from five to ten yearsFollowingRep. PitcherSent for enrolling
SB147Lobbyist Licensing ModificationsThis bill amends provisions of the Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation Act.FollowingSen. IpsonSenate/ placed on Concurrence Calendar
HB154Mental Health Protections for First Respondersestablishes a temporary working group to study a first responder's workers' compensation claim due to mental stressFollowingRep. Kwan / Sen. MayneDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
HB166Down Syndrome Nondiscrimination Abortion Actafter expressly permitted by a court of binding authority, prohibits a person from performing, inducing, or attempting to perform or induce an abortion on a pregnant woman who is seeking the abortion solely because an unborn child has or may have Down syndromeOpposeRep. Lisonbee / Sen. BrambleDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
HB178Health Care Chargespermits the Department of Health to create and maintain a health care price transparency tool that is accessible by the publicSupportRep. DawSenate 3rd Reading Calendar
HB190Liability of Firearm CustodyA firearm custodian is strictly liable for personal injury or property damage proximately caused by the discharge of the firearm custodian's firearm if the discharge results from conduct that constitutes a felonyFollowingRep. StoddardHouse Judiciary Comm.
HB192Statute of Limitations Amendmentsincreases the statute of limitations for a criminal offense when the identification of a perpetrator is made through DNA.FollowingRep. ArentDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
HB204Employment Selection Procedures Act AmendmentsAmends the Employment Selection Procedures Act to prohibit an employer from inquiring into an applicant's compensation history.FollowingRep.WheatleyMotion to Recommend Failed
HB208Safe Routes to School ProgramThis bill requires the Department of Transportation to implement a program to provide safe routes to schoolSupportRep. HarrisonSenate 3rd Reading Calendar
HB209Extreme Risk Protective Orderenables a family member or law enforcement to ask a court to restrain a person from possessing any firearms or ammunition for a specified length of timeSupportRep. HandyHouse Rules Committee
HB210Medicaid Expansion Program RevisionsThis bill amends provisions relating to Medicaid expansion. Permits funds from the Medicaid Expansion Fund to be used for the full optional population under the Affordable Care Act.Priority SupportRep. WardHouse Rules Committee
HB213Promotion of Student Loan ForgivenessThis bill enacts the Promotion of Student Loan Forgiveness Programs Act.SupportRep. DuckworthSenate/ placed on 2nd Reading Calendar
HB217Open Carry Near Schools AmendmentsProhibits carrying a dangerous weapon within 500 feet of an elementary or secondary school.SupportRep. BriscoeMotion to Recommend Failed
HB234Marriage AmendmentsImposes and age, below which an individual may not marry; and makes technical and conforming amendments.FollowingRep. RomeroSenate 2nd Reading Calendar
HB238Marriage License Fees Amendmentsincreases an additional amount added to a marriage license fee to provide funding for the operation of shelters for victims of domestic violence; repeals a marriage license applicant's option to not pay the additional amountSupportRep. RomeroAmended - Returned to Rules
HB243Domestic Violence ModificationsProvides that certain criminal penalties for carrying a concealed firearm without a permit do not apply to a victim of domestic violence or dating violence who is not otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm, for a limited period after the day on which the victim is issued a protective order.OpposeRep. WatkinsSenate 2nd Reading Calendar
HB253Domestic Violence Response AmendmentsThis bill amends provisions relating to the pretrial and post conviction monitoring of a domestic violence defendant.FollowingRep. SpendloveHouse Judiciary Committee - Held
HB260Access Utah Promise Scholarship ProgramThis bill creates the Access Utah Promise Scholarship Program and repeals certain other scholarship programsSupportRep OwensHouse/ placed on Concurrence Calendar
HB270Criminal Code AmendmentsThis bill changes the intent provisions for the crime of distribution of an intimate image from intent to cause emotional distress to knowing that the distribution would cause a reasonable person emotional distress.FollowingRep. McKellSenate 2nd Reading Calendar
HB275Contraception for Women PrisonersThis bill requires that jails must continue to allow female prisoners access to contraceptives.SupportRep. Dailey-ProvostReturned to Rules by Health and Human Services Comm
HB287Sex Offense AmendmentsThis bill provides that sexual contact is without the consent of the victim if the victim is over the age of 18 and the actor holds a position of special trust.FollowingRep. IvorySenate 2nd Reading Calendar
HB318Inmate Restrictions Standards AmendmentsThis bill creates standards for the treatment of pregnant inmatesPriority SupportRep. PitcherSenate 2nd Reading Calendar
HB390Workplace ProtectionsExpands Utah's Anti-Discrimination Act to cover all workers by lowering the threshold of employees an employer must have in order to comply with the act (15 to 5)Priority SupportRep. HutchingsHouse Committee - sent to Rules/ substituted
HB399Prohibition of the Practice of Conversion Therapy upon MinorsThis bill prohibits certain mental health therapists from providing conversion therapy to a minorSupportRep. Hall4th Sub - House Rules Committee
H5430Prohibition of Genital MutilationThis bill prohibits female genital mutilation and provides a penalty.SupportRep. IvoryHouse 3rd Reading Calendar for House bills
HB442Family Leave AmendmentsThis bill requires certain executive branch and higher education employers to offer and administer parental leave.SupportRep. WeightHouse Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee
HB451Victim Address Confidentiality ProgramCreates an address confidentiality program which would give victims substitute, government-managed addresses to use in place of their physical address. Mail would be routed to the substitute address and then forwarded to the victim's actual address, decreasing the victim's vulnerability to offenders who attempt to locate them.SupportRep. Pitcher / Sen. WeilerHouse Health and Human Services Committee - Returned to Rules
HCR6Concurrent Resolution Designating May 5 as Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and LGBT+ Awareness DayThis concurrent resolution designates May 5 as "Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and LGBT+ Awareness Day."SupportRep. Romero / Sen. EscamillaDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
HCR16Concurrent Resolution Designating Utah Women's Voter Registration DayThis concurrent resolution designates February 14 as Utah Women's Voter Registration DaySupportRep. Ballard / Sen. HendersonDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
HJR3Joint Resolution Adopting Privilege Under Rules of EvidenceThis joint resolution adopts a privilege under the rules of evidence related to communications of victims.SupportRep. Snow / Sen. Weiler2nd Sub - Senate 2nd Reading Calendar
HJR8Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution - Slavery and Involuntary Servitude ProhibitionThis resolution proposes to amend the Utah Constitution to eliminate an exception to the prohibition against slavery and involuntary servitude. SupportRep. Hollins/Sen. AndereggSenate 3rd Reading Calendar
HJR21Joint Resolution Reaffirming the Value of WomenThis resolution reaffirms women's equal political, civil, and religious rights contained in the Utah Constitution and recommends the inclusion of similar language in the United States ConstitutionSupportRep. Kwan / Sen.Vickers Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
HR3House Resolution Supporting Humane Response to Refugee CrisesThis House resolution urges a humane response to the humanitarian crises at the U.S.-Mexico border.SupportRep. Dailey-ProvostDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
SJR7Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution - Terminology UpdateThis joint resolution of the Legislature proposes to amend the Utah Constitution to modify gender-specific terminology (making the Utah Constitution gender neutral).SupportSen. HendersonDraft of Enrolled Bill Prepared
SR1Senate Resolution Regarding the Separation of Families at the BorderThis resolution urges the Congress of the United States and federal policymakers to preserve and reunify families.SupportSen. DavisSenate Health and Human Services Committee returned to Rules
SCR11Concurrent Resolution Designating Utah Girls in Tech DayThis resolution recognizes that women are significantly underrepresented in technology-related fields despite a shortage of qualified talent; encourages more young women to pursue technology-related careers; and designates March 20 as "Utah Girls in Tech Day."SupportSen. MillnerHouse/ to Senate