2018 Legislative Tracker

Last Updated February 12, 2018
Bill #TitleSummary/DescriptionSponsorUWC PositionStatusVotesImpact on Utah women
HB12Family Planning ServicesThis bill provides family planning services through Medicaid for women who fall in the coverage gap. For women who are already covered by Medicaid, it would also ensure that contraceptive services are provided more immediately after giving birth rather than requiring an additinoal visit for their healthcare provider.Rep. WardPriority supportPassed Senate committee hearing 2/2House: 53-21-1
This bill allows low-income women to take responsibility for their healthcare needs, plan for the future, and make sure they are able to financially support their growing family.
HB30UALD AmendmentsThis bill addresses program issues with UALD, identified in a 2017 performance audit conducted by the Legislative Auditor General.Rep. DunniganPriority supportEnrolledHouse: 70-1-4
Senate: 24-0-5
This bill works to improve the function and operations of UALD, ensuring workers with valid employment discrimination complaints have a fair shot of remedy and resolution.
HB57Utah Intergenerational Poverty Work and Self-sufficiency Tax CreditThis bill strengthens Utah's Intergeneration Poverity (IGP) initiative with a state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for IGP families who work, qualify for the federal EITC, and file their state taxes. Families would receive 10% of the federal EITC: ~250 on average, up to ~600, depending on income and number of children.Rep. Westwood
Sen. Vickers
Priority supportAwaiting Senate committee hearingHouse: 41-32-2This bill supports IGP women and families in their progress toward financial stability and independence by allowing working families to keep more of what they earn, encouraging them to stay in the workforce, and reducing dependence on government programs.
HB117Hourly Wage Increase AmendmentsThis bill increases Utah's minimum wage by implementing an immediate increase to $10.25 per hour, and working toward a more gradual raise of $12 by 2022.Rep. HemingwayPriority supportAwaiting House Business and Labor Committee hearingThis bill ensures Utah workers earn a living wage to meet basic needs and provide for their families.
HB118Cash Wage Obligation Minimum for Tipped EmployeesThis bill increases the minimum wage for tipper workers to $3.25 per hour.Rep. HemingwayPriority supportAwaiting House Business and Labor Committee hearingThis bill promotes the economic security of families who are striving to put food on the table, pay for safe and reliable housing, and meet other necessary costs by working in jobs on the lower end of the wage scale.
HB148Food Tax RevisionsThis bill eliminates the 1.75% state sales tax on food and brings it to 0. In order to cover the revenue lost, the state sales tax would increase by .24%.Rep. QuinnPriority supportPassed House committee 2/7; awaiting full House voteThis bill would eliminate the state sales food tax, removing a financial roadblock for women and families to meet basic needs and pursue other economic opportunities.
HB156Paid Parental Leave (State Agencies)This bill provides six weeks of paid parental leave (at 66% of an employee's pay) for full- and part-time executive agency state employees.Rep. WeightPriority supportAwaiting House committee hearingThis bill provides new parents with the ability to care for and bond with their child at a critical time, and biological mothers with the ability to adequately recover following childbirth, without the financial stress accompanied by lost earnings.
HB196Breastfeeding Protection ActThis bill clarifies that discrimination based on 'sex' includes pregnancy and breastfeeding for purposes of Utah's anti-discrimination in places of public accommodation lawRep. FawsonPriority supportPassed House committee 2/8; awaiting full House voteThis bill ensures that women who are pregnant or nursing have equal access to Utah businesses and other establishments.
HB278Paid Family and Medical Leave AmendmentsThis bill would create a tax credit for businesses that offer paid family and medical leave to employees.Rep. EdwardsPriority supportIn RulesThis bill supports continued employment and income for workers when they need to take limited time off to attend to specific family or health-related responsibilities.
HB283Workplace Protection AmendmentsThis bill seeks to prohibit workplace discrimination in small businesses by lowering the employee threshold which triggers employer compliance with anti-discrimination & labor laws (reducing the current number from 15 employees to 1). The bill also creates legal remedies for employees of small employers who violate the provisions of the act.Rep. EdwardsPriority supportIn RulesThe bill removes barriers to fairness and creates equal access to Utah laws, ensuring that all Utah workers are treated with equity on the job.
SB47Medicaid Expansion AmendmentsThis bill requires the Department of Health to amend the state Medicaid plan to expand Medicaid eligibility to the optional populations under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.Sen. DavisPriority supportIn Rules
SB 152Equal Compensation StudyThis bill requires the Utah Department of Human Rresource Management to provide data related to gender-based wages in the state of Utah government to a third party institution to analyze and create a study.Sen. EscamillaPriority supportAwaiting Senate committee hearingThis bill ensures that wages paid to women employed within state agencies are objective, unbiased, and unaffected by an employee's gender.
SJR 9Joint Resolution Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States ConstitutionThis joint resolution of the Legislature ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution.Sen. BramblePriority supportIn Rules
HB34State Employee Leave Policy AmendmentsThis bill broadens the scope of paid leave that is available to state employees for certain disaster relief services.Rep. Thurston
Sen. Dayton
FollowingEnrolledHouse: 72-0-3
Senate: 27-0-2
HB41Mental Health Crisis Line AmendmentsThis bill makes improvements to the operation of the statewide mental health crisis line and local mental health crisis lines.Rep. Eliason
Sen. Thatcher
SupportPassed Senate committee 2/1; awaiting full Senate voteHouse: 73-0-2
HB42Medicaid Waiver for Mental Health Crisis ServicesThis bill requires the Department of Health to seek a Medicaid waiver for certain mental health crisis resources.Rep. Eliason
Sen. Thatcher
SupportPassed Senate committee 2/1; awaiting full Senate voteHouse: 72-0-3
HB44Child Support Guidelines AmendmentsThis bill makes the Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee an ongoing advisory committee, and addresses procedures of the advisory committee.Rep. McKell
Sen. Weiler
FollowingEnrolledHouse: 68-0-7
Senate: 25-0-4
HB63Cosmetology and Associated Professions AmendmentsThis bill allows the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing to offer required examinations for cosmetology and related professions in languages in addition to English.Rep. KwanSupportAwaiting Senate committee hearingHouse: 71-0-4This bill grants English language learners the ability to pursue professional licensing regardless of their English proficiency.
HB67Voter Registration AmendmentsThis bill provides that an individual who applies for or renews the individual's driver license or state identification card will be registered to vote unless the individual opts out.Rep. HandySupportAwaiting House committee hearingThis bill removes barriers to the polls and facilitates improved voter turnout, ensuring all Utahns have a voice at the polls.
HB99Substance Abuse and Mental Health Act AmendmentsThis bill expands the division's responsibilities with respect to peer support services to include peer support services for individuals with mental health disorders.Rep. ReddFollowingAwaiting Senate committee hearingHouse: 68-0-6
HB106Education Grant ProgramThis bill creates a pilot grant program for education programs for individuals in the justice system. The program would permit a qualified convicted person to avoid incarceration by completing practical trade skills education and earning certificates at a participating technical college.Rep. PotterSupportAwaiting Senate committee hearingHouse: 68-0-7This bill provides women in the criminal justice system with the opportunity to earn a trade certificate, better preparing themselves for the job market and enhancing the potential for successful integration into the community.
HB110Lobbyist Licensing ModificationsThis bill requires the lieutenant governor to provide, and a lobbyist to take, an annual training course relating to unlawful harassment; and prohibits a lobbyist from engaging in unlawful harassment, retailiating against an individual for filing an unlawful harassment complaint, or interfering with an investigation related to unlawful harassment.Rep. PetersonFollowingAwaiting House committee hearing
HB139Telepsychiatric Consultation Access AmendmentsThis bill amends the Insurance Code to provide health benefit plan coverage for the use of telepsychiatric consultations.Rep. EliasonSupportPassed House committee 1/31; awaiting full House vote
HB164Early Learning Task ForceThis bill creates an Early Learning Task Force to use the study related to early childhood services and resources recently completed by the Department of Workforce Services to review early learning in Utah and make policy recommendations to increase Kindergarten readiness.Rep. Cutler
Sen. Millner
SupportFailedHouse: 33-36-5This bill helps move good policy forward in advancing the availability of high quality, affordable early childcare and education.
HB165Pretrial Release AmendmentsThis bill addresses conditions for pretrial release after arrest for domestic violence and other offenses.Rep. Romero
Sen. Weiler
FollowingPassed House committee 2/2; awaiting full House vote
HB177Trauma-Informed Justice ProvisionsThis bill creates a trauma-informed justice program, including: creating a committee; establishing powers and duties of the committee; providing for a performance incentive grant program; and requiring reporting.Rep. Ivory
Sen. Escamilla
SupportPassed House committee 1/1; awaiting full House vote
HB207Fatherhood and Healthy Relationships InitiativesThis bill creates the Utah Commission on Fatherhood and Healthy Relationships.Rep. WinderSupportPassed House committee 1/31; awaiting full House vote
HB232Health Education AmendmentsThis bill repeals language prohibiting instruction in the advocacy or encouragement of the use of contraceptive methods or devices.Rep. WardSupportIn Rules
HB254Campus Sexual Violence ReportingThis bill enacts provisions related to reports of sexual violence at postsecondary institutions.Rep. ColemanFollowingAwaiting House committee hearing
HB258Women's Cancer Screening Notification AmendmentsThis bill requires a facility that performs screening or diagnostic mammography to provide a patient who has dense breast tissue with a notification of that fact and options for additional cancer screening examinations.Rep. ChristensenSupportPassed House committee 2/5; awaiting full House vote
HB262Hygiene Tax ActThis bill adds a sales and use tax exemption for an incontinence care item, tampons and sanitary napkins, and diapers.Rep. DuckworthSupportAwaiting House committee hearing
HB 276Retirement Income Tax CreditThis bill expands eligibility to the Retirement Income Tax Credit by removing a current age restriction which would, in turn, permit Utahns who turn 65 this year or later access to the tax credit. The credit equals $450 for an individual (or $900 for joint filers), and begins to phase out for those earning more than $25,000 (or $32,000 for joint filers).Rep. WestwoodSupportAwaiting House committee hearingThis bill allows the next generation of retirees to keep moeny in their pockets, promoting increased self-sufficiency and independent living throughout their lives, rather than relying on government services.
HB 286Reproductive Education AmendmentsThis bill amends and enacts provisions related to instruction in child sexual abuse prevention and reproductive health.Rep. FawsonFollowingAwaiting House committee hearing
HB 298Victim Advocate Confidentiality AmendmentsThis bill addresses confidentiality related to victim advocates.Rep. McKellFollowingAwaiting House committee hearing
HB 326Intergenerational Poverty InitiativeThis bill establishes a pilot program in the Department of Workforce Services to address intergenerational poverty.Rep. ReddSupportIn Rules
HB 330Communication Interception AmendmentsThis bill requires all parties to a communication to give consent to an interception, with certain exceptions.Rep. SnowFollowingIn Rules
HB 333Domestic Violence Response AmendmentsThis bill provides that assault is a class A misdemeanor when committed against an individual's cohabitant or dating partner.Rep. Spendlove
Sen. Bramble
FollowingIn Rules
HR1House Resolution Urging Restorative Justice in Utah's Education SystemThis resolution of the House of Representatives encourages the State Board of Education and Utah's school districts to implement restorative justice programs in Utah's public primary and secondary schools.Rep. HollinsSupportAwaiting House committee hearing
HCR6Concurrent Resolution Honoring Former Chief Justice Christine M. DurhamThis resolution honors the legacy and service of former Utah Supreme Court Chief Justice Christine M. Durham.Rep. Arent
Sen. Weiler
SupportEnrolledHouse: 71-0-4
Senate: 25-0-4
Childcare IncentivesThis bill creates tax incentives for savings accounts where both employer and employee contribute toward chilcare costs.Rep. EdwardsSupportDraftingThis bill creates a mechanism that would improve access to affordable, high quality childcare.
SB27Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking AmendmentsThis bill modifies provisions related to domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.Sen. Weiler
Rep. Romero
SupportPassed House committee 2/2; awaiting full House voteSenate: 26-0-3
SB32Mental Health Crisis Line Commission Sunset AmendmentsThis bill extends the sunset date for the Mental Health Crisis Line Commission.Sen. Thatcher
Rep. Eliason
SupportEnrolledSenate: 27-0-2
House: 69-0-5
SB48Medicaid Waiting Period AmendmentsThis bill requires a five-year waiting period for legal immigrants to receive benefits through the Medicaid program or Children's Health Insurance Program.Sen. ChristensenOpposeWithdrawn
SB112Voter Registration RevisionsThis bill provides that an individual who applies for or renews the individual's driver license or state identification card will be registered to vote unless the individual opts out.Sen. HendersonSupportPassed Senate committee hearing 1/30; awaiting full Senate voteThis bill removes barriers to the polls and facilitates improved voter turnout, ensuring all Utahns have a voice at the polls.
SB119Special Group License Plate AmendmentsThis bill creates a new recognition special group license plate to recognize and commemorate women's suffrage.Sen. HendersonSupportPassed Senate committee hearing 1/29; awaiting full Senate vote
SB 126Gestational Agreements RevisionsThis bill repeals provisions addressing gestational agreements.Sen. HillyardOpposeHeld4-0-4
SB 138Gender Change AmendmentsThis bill addresses legally changing an individual's gender.Sen. WeilerSupportPassed Senate committee; awaiting Senate votePassed Senate committee 3-1-3
SB 142Victims of Domestic Violence Services Account AmendmentsThis bill amends the percentage of the criminal conviction surcharge that is allocated to the Victims of Domestic Violence Services Account; and repeals the percentage of the criminal conviction surcharge that is allocated to the Office of the Attorney General for domestic violence prosecution training.Sen. ChristensenFollowingAwaiting Senate committee hearing
SB 161Nurse Home Visiting Pay-for-Success ProgramThis bill creates a pay-for-success program that will help fund evidence-based home visiting programs that use healthcare providers targeting low-income mothers and their children, with a specific measure related to post-partum depression.Sen. EscamillaSupportAwaiting Senate committee hearingThis bill ensures new mothers and their children have access to quality healthcare services and support, and decreases the likelihood of long-term challenges.
SB 162Intergenerational Poverty Matching -- Education Savings PlanThis bill creates the Education Savings Matching Pilot Program to provide matching contributions to 529 savings accounts on behalf of children experiencing intergenerational poverty.Sen. VickersSupportAwaiting Senate committee hearing
SB 172Medicaid Waiver AmendmentsThis bill requires the Department of Health to implement certain changes to the Medicaid program, and authorizes the Department of Health to apply for waivers or a state plan amendment if necessary to implement the changes in this bill.Sen. Hemmert
Rep. McCay
SCR1Concurrent Resolution Recommending Replacement of Statue of Philo Farnsworth in United States CapitolThis concurrent resolution initiates the replacement of the state's statue of Philo Farnsworth in the United States Capitol with a statue of Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon.Sen. WeilerSupportPassed House committee hearing 2/12; awaiting full House voteSenate: 21-7-1
Military Spouse Professional Licensure AmendmentsThis bill seeks to make it easier for spouses of military personnel to work in Utah, and eliminates some of the red tape that exists to moving a licensure from state to state.Sen. WeilerSupportDraftingThis bill decreases the need for government assistance that many of our enlisted soldiers would qualify for without their spouse's income.
Concurrent Resolution on Postpartum Depression Awareness and TreatmentThis concurrent resolution encourages state officers, agencies, medical providers, mental health providers, employers, and the general public to become aware of maternal mental health as a public health crisis in Utah, and to promote policies and practices to identify and provide treatment for women at risk for, or suffering from, pregnancy-related anxiety or depression, and post-partum depression.Sen. ZehnderSupport