Our Mission

The Utah Women’s Coalition seeks to enhance the economic, social, and political status of Utah women through public policy, advocacy, and education.

The Utah Women’s Coalition (UWC) is a statewide, nonpartisan coalition made up of individuals, nonprofit organizations, women’s groups, medical professionals, and policymakers working to advance the status of women in Utah. The coalition seeks to foster collaborative partnerships to address a broad range of women’s rights issues, including pay equity, women’s health, family planning, affordable child care, and equal representation in all fields.


UWC works to influence public policy by pursuing legislation that addresses the needs of Utah women. Our work is done in partnership with elected officials, policy makers, nonprofit organizations, and community advocates, with the shared objective of passing sound legislation that would better the lives of Utah women and families.


UWC promotes a collective impact approach to advocating for women and families and ending barriers to gender equality in Utah. We work to bring diverse voices and key players to the same table to form comprehensive strategies, pool resources, and build lasting momentum in moving the needle toward gender equality in Utah.


UWC works to educate policy-makers and the public on pertinent issues facing Utah women. Our policy objectives are informed by research and data from coalition members and partners.

Issue Areas


money1_128Securing equal pay

Utah women make $0.70 for every dollar a man makes. We can create policies to change this.

equal_128Ending discrimination

Gender discrimination takes on many forms, and its residual effects often exclude or discourage women. UWC supports policies that ensure women are treated equally in their professional, social, and academic capacities.

briefcase_128Work & family

Utah ranks as one of the worst states in the nation for working mothers. Flexible work schedules, affordable child care, and paid parental leave are some solutions that will help reverse this trend.

Achieving equal representation

Utah women make up only 20% of the Utah legislature, and Utah has the largest gap in the U.S. for women in executive positions. We can create awareness of the value of female leaders to close the gap.

Promoting affordable women’s health care

Approximately 18 percent Utah women lack health insurance coverage. We believe that all women should have access to quality, affordable health care.

Freedom from violence

One in three women in Utah will experience domestic violence. We envision safe communities that welcome women of every age, race, and nationality.